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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

f1 cars to become ugly


although the season is over, but the news just keep on coming. there are announcements on new driver for new team, new names, departure of personnels, new sponsors, new gossips, new qualifying rules, new agreements, etc.

however, none is as surprisingly as the introduction of the centreline downwash generating (cdg) wings.

artist impressions []

we have heard of rumours of numerous things, but this seemed like quite a secret being revealed. what more with graphics and research images, and such an uncool name.

we all know aerodynamic turbulence contributed to this season's shitty races. overtaking was non-existence except for the japanese gp. along with amd, fia has been studying ways to improve wheel-to-wheel racing in f1. according to fia, they have found the solution and are proposing to split the rear wing into two. somehow, that will decrease the turbulence. well, i ain't a aerodynamicist so i really can't comment.

how it works []

this will work with the new slick tyres to be introduced for 2008. however, overtaking is such a big issue they are pushing it for 2007. all they need is for the technical directors to agree to this radical design.

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although it could possibly improve racing in formula 1, but i'm just saddened with the fact that in the future i would be watch ugly cars overtaking each other. i may get used to it, but it's just not worthed it.

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