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Saturday, June 18, 2005

indianapolis motor speedway

formula one's next stop is at the brickyard of indianapolis. everytime the circus stops here, it brings back great memories of my live f1 experience at the circuit.

indianapolis motor speedway: been there, done that
the recognition is picking up in america, and it is definitely a great thing. i could see the atmosphere is more fantastic as compared to two years ago when i was there. the people are getting more knowledgable, and they do become quite passionate (especially towards montoya where the fans come out in full force).

for more of my experience, read my previous post here.

as for the 2005 first/second practice, no surprise with mclaren as they looked extremely strong. on the contrary, renault hasn't been doing more laps with finding a nice balance an issue. and interestingly ferrari taking the third and fourth spots. of course, we can't really make out the true potentials from these results. we will know more when race day comes. it's going to be exciting!

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