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Saturday, June 11, 2005

canadian gp preview

infamous wall []
the infamous wall welcomes the racers and fans alike to the canadian gp 2005. the race at montreal has long been regarded as one the best races on the calendar. it's a fast track that is also hard on the brakes. plus the scenary is just beautiful.

the north american gps are live after midnight for malaysian viewers, which sucks for some because the race will be on early monday morning. well for me, i don't really care because while i was in the states, all european races were at early morning (ie 5am). and i woke up for each and every race. i guess tiuniasing is right, i can't live without f1. ;)

the free practices got underway last night. not surprisingly, mclaren and renault still seem the strongest. more so for the mclaren as they have all three cars on the top five. they are doing some amazing job with the car-tyre combo. as montoya got healthier and comfortable with the car, he is also a force to be reckoned with. i hope he gives kimi a run for the first spot as well.

ferrari, on the other hand, hasn't solve the car-tyre combo problem. they are still running in the mid-section, and you wonder whether bridgestone did anything to the tyres at all. it's been seven races, and we still don't see any consistency from them. what the hell are they doing, really?

i am not sure what ferrari is doing as well. however i did pick up one obvious difference between michael's car and ruben's car:

michaels f2005 []
rubens f2005 []
can you spot the difference?

jv prays it rains. frankly, me too!

[more to come after qualifying]

this aero wing made the difference? []
update [2.47am]:
so jensen button of bar sits pretty at p1 for tomorrow's race, with p2 for michael (what the? i certainly didn't expect that). well, definitely both cars are running on low fuel strategy. i definitely expected ferrari to do so after the rubens' strategy worked out at the 'ring. unfortunately rubens had to retire due to an engine failure (seems like it) while doing the warm up lap.

the renault and mclaren are right behind the front row, and i can expect a lot of competition at the start of the race. plenty of surprises with jv at eighth (is he still going to wish for rain?), williams right behind the order, and albers beating a red bull. this mix-up in the grid is really interesting and it sets up nicely for tomorrow's race.

no predictions. it's going to be a great race!

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