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Monday, May 23, 2005

f1 and star wars don't mix

star wars' chewy, vader, and the clone soldiers made their presence felt at monte carlo. then, it was absolutely hilarious having the clone soldiers refuelling the red bull 'dark machine', which was powered by the dark force.

actually it was the red bull mechanics dressed as the soldiers. at one scene after david's retirement, one of the mechanics got pissed with the bulky helmet and took it off while pushing the car away. the moment was priceless.

chewbacca is excited []
chewy was by far the funniest thing to appear at the pit garage area. i couldn't stop laughing when the tv producer switches images between the f1 cars and then to chewy. man, how could these people work seriously with these characters running around? it's no wonder both red bull cars retired the race!

i think red bull deploy such tactic to distract the other teams. their funny costumes and role playing around the garage, i'm sure, send chuckles to all the other teams along the pit. how can anyone pull a straight face with these characters marching around the place?

clone soldiers with darth vader []
as cool as f1 and star wars are individually, they just don't mix. of course, you got to look at them with a open sense of humour. i'm sure for publicity sake, they were making it fun for everyone else. but seriously, what a joke!

group pics of the demented []
jokes aside, fortunately this season's monaco grand prix was as exciting as it could have been. we saw more overtaking maneuvers than there were in barcelona, which was pretty amazing given the ridiculously impossible circuit layout to overtake. however, this glamourous grand prix is sure to stay for a long time to come. even more so after this weekend.

kimi, as expected, dominated the race. surprises from the williams, which was pretty good stuff seeing heidfeld deservedly getting 2nd place. plus i'm extremely pleased with seeing the over-rated webber's ass consistently kicked by heidfeld. webber got to learn to answer the question in the press conference, not to blabber about his entire race (that bloody newb). and of course we saw the fall of renault, hopefully more so into the future to create more competition. finally, yet another lucky scrapping from the ferrari. how many more races can they exepct that to happen? pathetic.

next weekend couldn't come sooner.

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