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Friday, March 04, 2005

the wait is over!

holy crap, it's finally the new 2005 season!

f1 circus []
after some four agonizing months, the formula 1 circus is back in town. first off from down under is the melbourne gp. always an exiciting race to watch as the cars zoom around the park. many are promising a close battle between the top teams, and with all those changes in the rules and regulations we might see some mix up in the racing order. however we will only see the true pictures during the race itself.

judging by the first practice so far, mclaren is in good shape. top drivers in a top team can sure bring some challenge to ferrari. however, ferrari running their older version cars is still keeping up to the pace. i'm impressed with nick heidfeld and i hope he continues to do well in this season. i've always liked him and felt that he deserves a good car to show his potential. hope he beats kimi. villeneuve is relatively quiet, so to are montoya, the toyota, and the bar teams. god i can't wait!

ferrari f2004m []
actually i am more anticipating for the circus to come to malaysia. i really want to go, and my friend in the states is surprised i might not go. "how can you not go?!" well the weather is the biggest thing as i can't stand the heat! the humidity doesn't help either. "go sit at the grandstand." that's a good solution but hell it's too expensive. i'm earning money but i'm not printing money for that kind of pampering. "sit at the grass area with the roof then." good idea, but i have no 'kakis' to go with. everyone is still back in the us and currently i don't know anyone well enough to drag along. "bring your gf." she's rushing for her final project. "..." well, i'll just see what happens.

i'm praying for free tickets to fall out of nowhere. i'm praying hard!

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