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Sunday, January 16, 2005

sweet sauber

how sweet is the new sauber?

sauber sidepod. []
the new sauber is finally putting their ultra-expensive (most advance and expensive in the industry) wind tunnel to good use. check out the aerodynamic design of the sidepod. where does the curve start and does it end? the sidepod is tiny and the shark gill looks pretty cool (not sure about its function, we will know when the race starts). the exhaust has gone retro, meaning it isn't jolted out like it used to. finally, the new sauber runs on michelin. the partnership with ferrari has disappeared; i wonder how will that affect either team?

sauber front wing. []
then we have this innovative (?) design of the front wing. sauber has added a top layer to help get much needed downforce. that will help the car to stick more to the ground, thus giving more traction and better grip for a steady run through the corners. sounds pretty logical to me, but we will see whether any other team will try and follow this design. can't wait for the big guns to reveal their 2005 machine.

more pictures here.

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