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Sunday, January 09, 2005

evolution, not revolution

toyota f1 team is the first team to launch 2005 formula 1 car.

front view.
back view.
due to the new regulation, where the rear wing is much larger and the nose higher, i would think most 2005 cars would not be revolutionary. many teams would opt for trying to fit the new specs into the actual car, rather than creating a brand new design. as toyota was the first f1 car to be launched, i was expecting more wow factor or exciting differences; however since they are trying to slow down the sport, i guess there isn't much to be wowed from.

a proud mike gascoyne, excited about his first real design of the toyota f1, explains that the car would still go through many changes before the first race, so we can expect it to be improved after jarno trulli and ralf schumacher tested it out. should be a team to look out for.

technical specifications
technical regulations: toyota explains

new week, the bar honda will be launching. the 2005 season fun is finally beginning!

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