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Sunday, January 16, 2005

b.a.r. unveiled a goose

b.a.r. today unveiled their ferrari beater - bar 007.

diagonal view. []
the car literally gave me goose bumps (pun intended). due to its color and the stiff compact look, i've automatically nicknamed it 'the goose'. in fact, it is a goose with the tiny wings (see pic). plus, with bar's new protruded front wing, it looks exactly like a goose's mouth wide open (see pic)! :)

all jokes aside, the look might be a little ridiculous (more than williams walrus nose), but it's not the look that matters. most importantly, the car has to perform. it has to be a step up from last year's most-improved car. briefly, the new car has a tall, big and rigid sidepod. the signature double-side-wing is still there. most noticeably is the new front wing. it is relatively big and looks kind of intimidating. the black color makes it hard to see the design and the size, and it also covers the interesting looking bargeboards.

front view. []
overall, a clean car with enough minute improvements (not forgetting the gearbox, engine, etc. advancements). hopefully the 007 will continue last year's competitiveness. mmm, wonder whether they'll nickname it 'bond' or 'goose'.

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sweet sauber

how sweet is the new sauber?

sauber sidepod. []
the new sauber is finally putting their ultra-expensive (most advance and expensive in the industry) wind tunnel to good use. check out the aerodynamic design of the sidepod. where does the curve start and does it end? the sidepod is tiny and the shark gill looks pretty cool (not sure about its function, we will know when the race starts). the exhaust has gone retro, meaning it isn't jolted out like it used to. finally, the new sauber runs on michelin. the partnership with ferrari has disappeared; i wonder how will that affect either team?

sauber front wing. []
then we have this innovative (?) design of the front wing. sauber has added a top layer to help get much needed downforce. that will help the car to stick more to the ground, thus giving more traction and better grip for a steady run through the corners. sounds pretty logical to me, but we will see whether any other team will try and follow this design. can't wait for the big guns to reveal their 2005 machine.

more pictures here.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

evolution, not revolution

toyota f1 team is the first team to launch 2005 formula 1 car.

front view.
back view.
due to the new regulation, where the rear wing is much larger and the nose higher, i would think most 2005 cars would not be revolutionary. many teams would opt for trying to fit the new specs into the actual car, rather than creating a brand new design. as toyota was the first f1 car to be launched, i was expecting more wow factor or exciting differences; however since they are trying to slow down the sport, i guess there isn't much to be wowed from.

a proud mike gascoyne, excited about his first real design of the toyota f1, explains that the car would still go through many changes before the first race, so we can expect it to be improved after jarno trulli and ralf schumacher tested it out. should be a team to look out for.

technical specifications
technical regulations: toyota explains

new week, the bar honda will be launching. the 2005 season fun is finally beginning!

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

sauber ain't coming

sauber petronas f1 team was supposed to come to kl for their launching. the idea was to celebrate petronas' ten years involvement with formula 1. unfortunately, due to the disaster of boxing-day tsunami, the team decided to cancel the launch out of respect for the victims.

bummer. then i started wondering...

is it really out of respect for the victims? if they really do care about the victims, why not continue with the launch but make it a fund-raising launch!? what better way to gather numerous dignitaries to donate for the disaster than such high profile event? there will be plenty of coverage, and their 'good cause' will bring in plenty of needed exposure. wouldn't that be jolly-great for every party?

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