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Monday, May 21, 2007

f1 circuit chief sacked for corruption

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shanghai f1 circuit chief was sacked in midst of a corruption investigation. mr yu zhifei was accused of using company money to buy a house and taking bribes.
The sackings were related to an inquiry into misuse of Shanghai's pension fund.

The scandal has already led to the sacking of Chen Liangyu, who was the city's Communist Party secretary.

Last September he became the most senior party official to be dismissed in more than a decade.


Mr Yu has been expelled from the Communist Party and is facing criminal charges, the Shanghai Daily and other newspapers said.

The former district chief, Chen Chaoxian, was also sacked and so too was Ling Baoheng, the former director of the city's state-owned asset supervision board.

Despite China's market reforms, Communist Party officials still have control over large parts of manufacturing, banking and real estate.

Corruption is a widespread and growing problem which the Chinese government is struggling to control, says the BBC's Quentin Sommerville in Shanghai.

- china's f1 track chief dismissed
corruption may be a problem in china, but at least they are taking necessary steps and doing the right thing. punish those who have done wrong, no matter how powerful or influential they are. rather commendable.

if only some country could learn.

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