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Saturday, May 05, 2007

disapproval for singapore gp?

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is this a sign of disapproval for the singapore gp?
The apparent return of street circuits in Formula One is contrary to the sport's push for better safety, according to Marc Gene.

The occasional Ferrari test driver told the Spanish news agency EFE that he is opposed to Bernie Ecclestone's negotiations with Valencia, Singapore and other potential venues for Monaco-style city races.

is that why the announcement of the singapore gp has been delayed since the malaysian gp? negotiations are said to be ongoing, but the longer it takes, the more unlikely it'll materialize next year. perhaps due to opposition from the gpda on the grounds of safety, or perhaps the malaysian government has been pressing hard to disallow the singapore gp.

to be frank, i can't decide whether the singapore gp is going to be a good thing for the f1 circus or not. personally, i think it'll be exciting to have another street circuit. and singapore, more so than valencia, or even india, would be ideal. i was just in singapore last weekend, and the city looks ready (in every sense) to transform itself to accomodate f1.

singapore is a 'fine' country well known, among others, for its hardcore cleaniness, no nonsense law, and systematic transportation structure. yet, they are also embarking on an ambitious plan to make it a friendly destination for all. with two new casinos, world class art/cultural theatres, and soon-to-be (?) f1-on-the-street, it is going to be a city very difficult to resist.

f1 ready to roar in singapore? [c.c.c.p.]

on the contrast, malaysia is not comparable to its southern neighbour. after hosting the gp for close to ten years, it has yet to make itself indispendsable on the f1 calendar. it just doesn't appear to be a place 'serious' enough for f1, and there's a malaysian gp just because there's a pretty good circuit in the country. no passion, no commitment, just obligation. plus, we're not even going to talk about the lack of transportation infrastructure, the lack of tourism integration, and the unfriendly frontliners of the country, all of which are super turn-offs for the tourists.

so, when i place myself in the shoes of a tourist deciding to watch a live f1 race in south east asia, presented to me are the malaysian gp (march) and the singapore gp (october), i would probably choose the singapore gp. just because it'd be more value for my money to watch one of the only two street races in the world. plus, i could easily visit malaysia if i were at singapore - just cross the straits.

the malaysian government can't possibly bank on winning if they want to direct compete with singapore. instead, they should try and work together by proposing to have the gps one after the other. then, present an attractive package for the tourists to catch two live gps for one visit to the region. win-win for everyone! ;)

only if singapore is that stupid to agree.

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