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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

melbourne gp... yawn

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the last i blogged was july of 2006, nearly a year ago. i don't remember why i stopped. i guess it just happened.

i have been busy. so yeah i've contemplated about starting again. so much have changed, and so much so foreign. but i'll try.

i won't start with all the pre-season and winter testing crap, and i definitely don't want to talk about the history. so i'm just going to mention a little about the melbourne gp. judging by the title of the post, i'm sure this will be straightforward.

yeah, yawn. i thought it wasn't the most exciting melbourne gp. looking back a year ago, the first race of the season was much more exciting as compared to this year's. the build-up wasn't there, and the melbourne gp just felt like a seat warmer for the upcoming races. and the result, just too predictable.

except for that wild crash involving senior citizen david coulthard and seasoned test driver alex wurz, it was basically a walk in the albert park. david, oh, david.

i got to say, mclaren look stunning. although a little slow-er, they are heading the constructor championship. with great hamilton and alonso in the team, the potential is definitely there. if mclaren were listed in the stock market, i'd suggest a 'strong buy' at the moment for great roi. renault, on the other hand, are utterly disappointing. 'sell', i'd say!

sepang is next, another one of those 'yawn' races. weather is the only unpredictable element that could pump some excitement to the race. if reliability is an issue, then prepare to see a whole bunch of engine failure and/or retirement. we will see if hamilton and kimi's melbourne display was a fluke or not. we will also know if massa is destined for ferrari driver number 2.

as for the melbourne gp:
winner of the race:
lewis hamilton. 1st rookie to be on the podium for the debut since jacque villeneuve. he could have come in second, but i think mclaren needed that alonso advantage (ie. 2 points) at the moment.

tiger woods of f1? []

loser of the race:
honda '' is such a joke. honda is losing out to the super aguri team with the old honda car, that's how shit the car is. get real, and lose that fugly paint job.

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