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Sunday, May 28, 2006

schumi-gate quotables


few selected quotes sharing my sentiments on the whole "schumacher cheat" incident. got them off planetf1.

You can't speculate what you can't prove! It's very simple. Formula One Drivers are Human, they are not perfect. It should be expected that they can make mistakes - as big as this one was.

Aside from that the stewards really had no right to make effect to such a punishment without substantial evidence. All they had was the opinion of 5 or so angry drivers and a protest from the Constructers leaders - big question mark.

The fact that Michael had posted his fastet first sector time that last lap is evidence to support his argument- but why is it completely disregarded. As guilty as he may be- and he probably is, from a legal perspective, it was only speculative to see him as guilty.
Meena Hanna
He Deserved The Benefit Of The Doubt
I do hope Michael did it! However, if he, as so many others do, just made a mistake then what have the stewards done? I can see the conspiracy theorists and Ferrari haters would love a cheating move but...come on! If I were Michael and retirement was a consideration in the near future and I were punished in such a damning way, based on opinions not fact, I would be gone tomorrow. He over-cooked it, locked up, kept it out of the wall and was in a very dangerous place to reverse. I would not like to be in a sport which treats incidents like this in such a way. However you read it - there should be the benefit of doubt here.
Rob Stevens
some words for michael schumacher:
Genius Is Always Flawed
Michael supporter since 1992, and yes I would forgive him anything, including killing his own brother...

Whether he did it on purpose or not, none of us will ever know but I ask, is it really that important?

Please just try and imagine the sport without him and be grateful for the entertainment, brilliance, inspiration and yes controversy he has given the sport over an extraordinary 15 seasons of formula 1.

Yes, maybe he did bad, but the dragging out of "wise heads" like Jackie "only 3 world championships" Stewart to condemn him is much worse. The partisan view of a man that has said Michael should retire every year for the last 10 years is of questionnable value. They may never have driven on the same track, but as F1 drivers, they are rivals.

And Andrew Davies who normally sits around till at least Tuesday afternoon before gracing your site with his post race editorial, could obviously not contain his glee and posted his condemnation within 30 seconds of the end of qualifying.

Well, Andrew, unlike you, I took some to reflect and consider this objectively, well try...Everyone is entitled to their views about yesterday's incident and a good proportion will take the view is deliberate. Fine, but I beg of the press and public, accept Michael's flaws (maybe even love him a bit for them and stop taking life so seriously!) and balance those against what he has given us over these years, as well as having proven many a time that he is a really nice fellow (off the track!). This is his maybe his last year in the sport

His dedication, commitment, man management and professionalism are an example to everyone in formula 1, and should be an inspiration to everyone outside of it as well.

The envy and ill spirit of his competitors and the press in their condemnation is easily as unattractive as the alleged act itself.

If only we were all so perfect as Mr Villeneuve, Stewart, Alonso. God help the world.
James Nixon
Schumi's Mistake Was Not Hitting The Wall
If he had hit the wall no-one would have said a word. You can see as he turns left the car twitches, he then straightens the wheel to avoid the slide and brakes hard, the front right locks and then he turns hard right again but runs out of space. Nothing wrong with any of that as far as I can see. If he had gone off two laps earlier no-one would have complained. If hit the wall, as several in F1 have said, that would be ok too. He is a genius. Just because 99% of drivers would have hit the wall in that situation doesn't mean he would.
Adrian Matthews
Not Guilty, My Lord
That is out of order stripping him of his pole! He made a mistake at Rascasse and managed to stop the car in time without damaging his car! If anyone like Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen did it they would investigate and not do a thing! Why should Michael be penalised for making a mistake! Sorry but formula 1 has turned into a boring crap motorsport and if it doesn't get any better we might as well stop it altogether! Its all a ploy to get at Schuey!
Andrew Lawrance
What an absolute typical event! Michael Schumacher does something that is considered 'cheating' and what happens? He gets penalised for it! If this was anyone else no one would've even looked at it twice but because it is Schumi, with his past actions haunting him every corner he turns, he automatically becomes the target of accusations and ridicule. With all the people against him, how could he possibly not have been found guilty?

There was no chance. This is what angers me the most, he was found guilty before a trial had even commenced. This is a seven-time world champion. A man who has demolished pretty much every record in the F1 book, a man who should be respected and treated like a king. But instead he is told he should retire and walk away while he still can!

In pretty much any other sport he would be respected, but not Formula One! If this was Alonso would this have happened or even have the same impact? Of course it wouldn't. If Michael drove for Renault would it be the same? Of not.

The FIA seem so hell bent on making F1 so anti-Ferrari that they may as well just ignore their existence. At least that way Ferrari might actually get some fair treatment.
Ben Waterworth
...The man cannot do anything without being questioned. I recall Brabham loosing it there on the last lap and the race. Do you know for a fact what he was experiencing or doing inthe car? There are a hundred and one things that could have happened but you choose the worst possible explanation.

The press has never been kind to him...yet McLaren and Williams can enter into the most astonishing "deal" to claim a championship in 97...and nothing is said. Imagine if Massa had spun in Spain instead of Montoya...another conspiracy theory would have been given birth!
James Passanisi

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