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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

three weeks break


the f1 three-week break is such a torture. there has been no action and just all bullshits from the f1 world as the teams took their "easter holiday".

i decided to take a little break for myself too. actually, i have been swarmed with work and just didn't have the motivation to write. i was basically just reading the f1 news, and didn't have much to say about them news. thus a quiet time for the blog.

the holiday, however, didn't stop f1 from testing, doing promtion, and gossiping. many teams are introducing new parts to the car, ranging from new aerodynamic packages, suspension configuration differences, better component materials, more powerful engines, and as always, improved tyre compounds. all very exciting, that is if you're into the technical aspects of f1.

if technology isn't your cup of tea, then you may be interested in some gossiping or speculations. many gossips for the past weeks, some interesting while some just plain ridiculous. of course the big story is the ferrari driver line-up, in which it is speculated to be announced this weekend at imola. is it going to be schumacher, kimi, massa, or rossi? qwerty has some speculations, you might want to check it out.

as the days draw closer to the weekend, i have a sense that michael schumacher might still stay in ferrari for another year. besides, i think 2007 will be even better for ferrari. so why not? besides, he said so himself. if not, renault is the next best thing. but michael in blue, that'll take some time to get used to.

trouble for some of the rookies. first off, scott speed is being such a big punk. he probably thinks as an american, he can do whatever he pleases. i think he needs to learn the rule of f1, else he's going to get kicked out pretty soon - the balls he got to "fuck off" david coulthard. george has an opinion on this.

next up, the whats-his-name of super aguri's second seat is facing the boot pretty soon. oh well, it's just unfortunately how well sato can drive that old car, it totally made his teammate look like shit. all the spinning on the track and sliding in the pit didn't help at all, those moves looked plain ridiculous.

finally, who can forget the termination of mike gascoyne. i must admit, i was pretty surprised, especially after a podium finish in melbourne. i don't think he did a bad job, and i don't think that was the reason he got sacked. i guess when opinions crashed the wrong way, someone's got to go. in this case, mike is gone and possibly on the way to midland. bummer.

what else? i guess just the same old for the rest. all those "we'll win", "we have better car now", "we can challenge", "issue solve" and what not.

as a wild guess, i think renault will take imola this weekend. after qualifying, i'll review my guess again - to an analytical prediction.


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