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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sights of sepang f1


i don't know why i took so long to get the pictures up, maybe because i don't think the pictures i took were all that nice. but wouldn't i be selfish if i were to just keep them to myself and not share them?

oh well, enjoy the sights of sepang f1 from my point of view:

rm50 to park here

it was quite agonizing to finally get to the parking bay. bloody hell, i pay rm50 for this!

many enthusiastic fans

fans packed the mercedes booth, enjoying the beautiful cars, buying merchandise, and (possibly) awaiting for special appearance from the drivers.

keep off grass

f1 fans aren't exactly obedient.

my corner and straight

that's all i can see. i made a judgement error thinking citrine would give me the most view of the cars on the track. they built a platform to house the exhibition cars, and those platform blocked about 50% of the view.

kimi waved at me

actually, many of the drivers waved at me :). only nico, webber, and montoya didn't bother to wave.

formation lap

the formation lap was loud and exciting. especially when they rev their engines while warming their tyres.

they go so fast

and off they go! these cars are so fast, that's the best i can do with taking the pictures. by the way, the v10 cars sound slightly different from the v8.

michael gave us a clearer view

michael was the only one driving nearest to the stand when the race was over. it was great to see the ferrari closer.

the winning car

the winning car safely back to its garage.

michael waved at me!

michael schumacher waving goodbye to his fans after giving interviews. "till melbourne!"

after this post, i now know why i waited so long to get the pictures up - because it takes bloody long to do so! so i hope you all enjoy them and make my efforts worthwhile.

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