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Sunday, March 05, 2006

seven days to motosport circus

[2006 preview]

i can't believe it, just seven more days before the first race of the 2006 season. i'm already shaking in excitement.

i foresee the season to be a really smashing one. with the v8, the re-introduction of tyre changes, new qualifying format, eleven teams on the grid, and a new champion defending his title, there is so much to be looking forward to. a little something for everyone.

most teams will be back to square one in terms of car design with the smaller engine and revamped aerodynamics. the qualifying format will be confusing, but great for coming up with different strategies. tyre changes will create chaos in the pit, plus it'll make the cars faster yet safer. again, all of the above will depend on whose understanding of the new rules is better.

from the winter testing, three teams looked rock solid. renault, mclaren, and honda seem like the force to be reckon with. on the other hand, ferrari didn't look so good. they don't seem to have the reliability nor the speed. weather for the past week at mugello didn't seem to help as well. i'm not quite sure 2006 will be their year yet. time will tell.

it's quite disappointing. all signs are pointing to the fact that 2006 will be michael schumacher's last year. although he has put in maximum effort, the car just didn't impress at all. anyways, whether the car performs or not, michael may be looking forward to retirement after the media have been slaughtering him with endless retirement questions. honestly, i'd hate to see him leave the sport.

that's why 2006 is so interesting and important. there are so many things going on, i just don't want to miss anything. at the moment, i'll just be patiently counting down the days to the biggest motosport circus there is. man, it's such a drag.

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