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Sunday, February 12, 2006

formula 1 and winter olympic


so what does formula 1 have to do with the winter olympics? nothing really... unless the country hosting the winter olympic is totally car-crazed.

this year's winter olympic is hosted at torino - italy, and there is no second guessing that those italians are crazy about their beloved ferrari. so the committee probably thought, "why not feature a ferrari in our opening ceremony and show people around the world how cool they are? ooooh, why not get the f1 car!?"

why not? so they did it!

luca badoer drove a f1 ferrari to center stage and did several doughnuts (check out the picture). he did five smoky doughnuts in exact, in which he was attempting to do the infamous olympic rings. whether he managed to successfully do it or not, it would have been a pretty bold attempt. i'd love to see the end result.

anyways, who would've thought an f1 car would be featured in an opening ceremony of an olympic event? what more a winter olympic event. boy, those imaginative italians.

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