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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

is mclaren a challenge?


alonso proudly tells the world "i needed a new challenge" as the reason for his renault departure. oh please...

first of all, there's nothing challenging about making a move from renault to mclaren. it's almost every driver's dream to be able to race for the fast teams. and why is that so? well, because your chances of winning more championships are much higher in a fast car. and given mclaren's championship winning history, it isn't such a hard choice.

second of all, let's not pretend this isn't about the money. it's always about the money. and after mclaren signed vodafone, they can show alonso the money. it isn't surprising that the deal is sealed just days after vodafone is confirmed switching from ferrari. imagine the hefty sum they get, and at the moment we can only speculate how much they are offering alonso.

so if this is about a new challenge, alonso should have joined teams such as bmw, that toro rosso team, or even honda. alonso, if you want a real challenge, then help those team win their first championships. do what michael did when he joined that shit ferrari and help turned it into a dominant force. instead, you're joining a rich team that has already won multiple championships. you're joining a team that has the fastest car on the grid. where is the challenge? what is the challenge?

i can't imagine how fast alonso has became a sellout - even faster than his driving. well, i guess you can't expect much when his manager is flav. i'm sure flav was only taking care of his own bank account. with that move to mclaren, he is also making a lot of money. what more when renault might be quitting formula 1, he needs to take care of the future well-being of his star driver. else who can he depend on, that shit mark webber?

how would renault and the crews feel when they have supported him to championship stardom, to only get a slap in their faces. renault is no longer a challenge for alonso, because he's too good for the team. now what i wish to see is that renault engineers focus more towards fisichella, and support a little less for alonso. give alonso a few loose screw or something. i wonder whether alonso will be able to take in the pressure of play second fiddle. and wouldn't winning another championship with renault under such circumstances be a real challenge?

and fans of alonso, you can go ahead and throw those renault merchandise away. they are ugly anyways.

oh well, such is formula 1.

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