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Monday, November 28, 2005

toyota first to reveal 2006 car

[2006 preview]

toyota f1 team surprised everyone with a sudden launching of their 2006 car today. take a look at the picture:

toyota tf106 []

according to mike gascoyne, the car started developing at the end of year 2004. but how is that possible? they don't even know the rules for 2006 yet. i am not sure why they started that early. shouldn't they look at their 2005 car and improve on that? i'm baffled.

toyota tf106 []

the car is definitely evolutionary, improving from the previous models. the biggest difference is the v8 engine and a brand new rear end to fit that v8 specification. the back suspensions look pretty intricate too, but i'm no expert on that. noticeably the new car has made the switch from michelin and is on the bridgestone tyres. all in all, the car looked pretty much the same as last season's car.

toyota tf106 []

in terms of the look, i am somewhat disappointed. it looks conservative and not quite outstanding. of course, if it can do its job properly then look isn't everything. we shall witness its performance tomorrow when all the drivers take it for a spin.

i am a little surprised the mclaren horn didn't got picked up by toyota yet, since they are quite a copycat. but with mike gascoyne there, i'm sure he knows what's best for his team.

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