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Saturday, October 08, 2005

rain creates havoc in japan


apart from spa and monza, suzuka is one of my favorite circuits. you can always be assured of some drama.

at qualifying, four last drivers to qualify were penalized because of weather. the rain started pouring as soon as michael schumacher came out. what more he was on intermediate tyres. good thing he was able to control it and drive it home in one piece. although alonso, kimi, and montoya came out with extreme wet tyres, they weren't able to qaulify better than michael. it was just too wet.

where is the car? []

here's the interesting grid. ralf won the lottery, while his brother just lost out. judging by the time set by the 'rain master' during practice three, michael should have had a better grid position. unfortunately he was on wrong sets of tyres when the rain started pouring.

give him a break []

ferrari's judgements have been poor recently. i have been doubting the old directors' brain ever since the horrible pit decisions at spa.

so would it be a difficult race for michael, alonso, kimi and montoya? well we have a toyota in front, the stubborn bars and redbulls, a couple of slow saubers, a couple of unpredictable williams, and the worsts of the rest - a jordan and a minardi, all ahead of them. it's definitely going to be huge train to pass, that's for sure.

with that said, i am expecting a very confusing tv coverage. the produces will have a hard time deciding which cars to follow. i'm sure we'll be able to tons of overtaking during the first few laps. grid positions should start swapping early, else we will only see cars following each other until the pit stops. that, unfortunately, will fucking blow.

furthermore, it will suck because we wouldn't be able to see the dog fights between the renaults and mclaren. we should, however, get to see the fierce competition between montoya and kimi. besides, i expect to see them climbing up to the podium eventually. with those machinery, they better be there even from dead last. finally, montoya has got a point to prove to team mclaren, and he better don't chicken out.

to be chicken or not to be... []

if the rain continues, we should see plenty of cars going off. some cars might even go off into other cars. although i would much enjoy a dry race, this should still be a fun(ny) race to watch.

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