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Thursday, September 08, 2005

eddie's words of wisdom


i can't believe words of wisdom can come out eddie irvine's mouth. most of the time he's either talking shit or insulting people. yet i was surprised by him when i read this article.

i wasn't really surprised with what he was saying about ferrari, but i was surprised that irvine actually shares my sentiment on kimi's car-breaking driving style.
Irvine also cast a quizzical gaze at McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen, who he says has endured a suspiciously unreliable year with the MP4-20. "They have a reliability problem," Eddie agreed, "but an aggressive style of driving can also lead to faults."
i think that's exactly what is happening with kimi's car. kimi just breaks it. the fact is, we don't really care about how fast the straight line speed is. we don't care who's on top of the practice time sheet. we don't care about the fastest laps and who gets pole position. as long as you don't win the race or the championship, nobody could care at all.

in this new era of f1, drivers need to race smart and not like a testosterone-filled aggressor. michael schumacher and alonso are whom i consider to be smart drivers because they appear to be more analytical. on the other hand, webber, montoya, and kimi are aggressors because they appear to drive by instinct and they probably equate win to speed.

let's face it, kimi and montoya might be great drivers; however if they cannot win the championship although they have the best cars on the grid, then there's a serious problem. the car is already not reliable, so why push so hard unnecessarily?

the fans might enjoy aggresive driving, but then they might as well watch nascar.

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