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Sunday, March 20, 2005

bring out the new car!!

i am pleading for ferrari to bring out the f2005 for the next race at bahrain.

f2005 []
ferrari f1 team is playing with fire here if they continue to think the modified f2004 champion car can continue to threat the rivals. they will sadly regret this assumption and eventually lose out, especially to renault which is currently the strongest team so far. ferrari needs to get their momentum started, and to once again bring fear to the rivals' guts.

they made the same mistake for year 2003, in which they thought the all-dominating f2002 was good enough to continue in year 2003. yet it turned out to be a disaster, performing terribly for the first few races. however they managed to give f2002 a good retirement by winning the san marino race before introducing f2003-ga (which wasn't a great car, albeit it winning that championship). this year, i don't see how they can give f2004 the retirement it deserves. only getting 10 points after two races for the team, that's just too risky.

i hope the rumors are correct, in that the f2005 will finally be flown to bahrain for the weekend. that was why michael continued to use melbourne's engine despite retiring the last race. now both rubens and michael can have fresh engines in a new car for bahrain. michael will be doing testing on the f2005 for the first (about goddamn) time. rumors also have it that bridgestone are horrendously terrible. i firmly believe that the tyres are to be blamed for ferrari's embarassing weekend at sepang. i can't imagine that the engines, the drivers, the chassis, and the aerodynamics can be worst than red bull or on par with sauber! bridgestone need to really buck up, or else this would be the last season i like to see them with ferrari.

so ferrari, get your act together! the time is ticking.

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