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Thursday, February 03, 2005

nose job

many teams are doing the same thing to their car: giving them a nose job.

mclaren nose [] renault nose [] bar nose [] william nose []
although each of the bigger teams have gone seperate directions in terms of how the nose and front wing should look like, all of them seems to agree upon a similar design. that is to have the middle part of the front wing droop down. for obvious reason, it is to help create more downforce for the car. some teams decided to leave a hole for maximum air to go through (williams, bar, renault); whereas mclaren seems to minimize airflow in the middle of the wing. as for the size of the nose itself, mclaren and bar chose the thick design, and williams and renault have the sharp design. so which combination will prove to be the best? only during the race we will know.

the only big team that hasn't reveal their car is ferrari. but check out their nose:

ferrari nose []
what in the world is that? well i call that ugly, but innovative. you got to give ferrari credit for coming out with this kind of ideas and design (credit to sauber too for coming up with a new front wing design). ferrari was the one who started putting wing on the engine cover of the car, then the other teams promptly follow suit (except mclaren, but that's always the case). same deal with the 'shark gills', most teams have that now.

just can't wait for ferrari to expose their 2005 winner.

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