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Sunday, January 16, 2005

b.a.r. unveiled a goose

b.a.r. today unveiled their ferrari beater - bar 007.

diagonal view. []
the car literally gave me goose bumps (pun intended). due to its color and the stiff compact look, i've automatically nicknamed it 'the goose'. in fact, it is a goose with the tiny wings (see pic). plus, with bar's new protruded front wing, it looks exactly like a goose's mouth wide open (see pic)! :)

all jokes aside, the look might be a little ridiculous (more than williams walrus nose), but it's not the look that matters. most importantly, the car has to perform. it has to be a step up from last year's most-improved car. briefly, the new car has a tall, big and rigid sidepod. the signature double-side-wing is still there. most noticeably is the new front wing. it is relatively big and looks kind of intimidating. the black color makes it hard to see the design and the size, and it also covers the interesting looking bargeboards.

front view. []
overall, a clean car with enough minute improvements (not forgetting the gearbox, engine, etc. advancements). hopefully the 007 will continue last year's competitiveness. mmm, wonder whether they'll nickname it 'bond' or 'goose'.

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