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Thursday, March 17, 2005

toyota f1 rev party

right after work, i dragged five of my colleagues to the nearby dragon bar in desa sri hartamas to check out the toyota f1 rev party.

the venue - dragon bar
it was still quiet, but people were moving steadily into the club. the media, as usual, were already booking the best place for a picture of the drivers. other than that, i could see a lot of cute girls in their tight outfit flaunting their beautiful package to the guys. there were also cute promotional girls promoting panasonic cellphones.

toyota f1
i wasted no time in taking pictures of the toyota f1 car on display there. although it was an old version of the mock f1 car, it was nice to see nonetheless. i didn't want my colleagues wandering around the place feeling uninterested. since we were not on the invited list, we moved to a nearby mamak to order food. however, i never let my eyes off dragon bar.

after about 15 minutres, we suddenly heard the honking of the police motobikes. i knew the drivers were on their way. upon seeing the flashes of the siren light, i rushed back to dragon bar and got my camera ready. then came two toyota camry with both jarno trulli and ricardo zonta. they came out with other toyota officials, stood amist the media, the kompang player, and the fans, then slowly inched into dragon bar. here are the unfortunately blurred pictures of the driver (i was stupid i didn't have my flash on):

jarno trulli
ricardo zonta
the good part of the evening (other than seeing the drivers close up) was i sweet talked into getting a nice toyota gift bag. there was a t-shirt, a calendar, and a michelin keychain. not too bad for not being an invited guest.

gift bag
i managed to get another bag for my colleague too. i'm sure he's pretty happy with that as well. overall a fun evening!

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