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Monday, August 08, 2005

greatest f1 driver

'the greatest f1 driver' is the most debated topic in the f1 world.

we have heard fans of formula one give their opinions, we have heard fanatics of f1 give their suggestions, and we have heard f1 personnels' point of view. nobody can agree with anybody on this, and we will never get everybody to agree with everybody.

for me, numbers speak louder than words in formula one. because naturally, the drivers get the stats and numbers just because they can. no matter from what means, that is their achievements. may it be because of influences, skills, technologies, or conditions, the driver is there because he or she was able to.

when the drivers depart us, either through retirement or death, it is the numbers that will reflect how great that driver is. senna was undoubtly a great. michael schumacher, fangio, hakkinen, prost, alonso, and many more are also greats in their own rights, and reasons i don't need to make clear.

but who is the greatest of them all?

well, it was interesting to read on hakkinen's opinion that he thinks "schumi is the greatest".
"I don't think anyone will be able to do what Michael has," Hakkinen told Autosport. "Michael has made his mark in F1 for so long. When I retired he started winning non-stop. I doubt anyone will be able to repeat what he has done - neither Alonso nor Raikkonen can come close."
interesting indeed. yet i don't quite agree with his statement. michael didn't start winning non-stop after hakkinen retired. michael started winning when hakkinen was still racing. unfortunately, due to fucked up mclaren reliability, hakkinen was forced to take sabbatical before his contract was even over. as a matter of fact, michael already had two championships under his belt before his "non-stop" winning drive in ferrari.

on the other hand, i do agree with him that it is doubtful anyone will be able to repeat what he has done. it isn't impossible, but it is very difficult. what more, michael went to ferrari at the worst possible time, and along with the team transformed it into a super force. this achievement is very admirable and unprecedented. not all drivers are capable of this (think button).

hmmmm... i wonder what the mika-loving, michael-hating 'fans' have to say about hakkinen's assertion. i wonder...

dont retire []
my choice for the greatest f1 driver is really obvious, and i don't have to say it out. no one has to agree with me as well, so i usually don't get into this debate because that's not important. i don't think i am biased, because normally i openly criticize when something is shit. however i am passionate, so i also openly defend when i hear something out of sense.

will we continue to see more of the greatest from formula one?

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