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Monday, June 13, 2005

post-montreal notes

needless to say, another fantastic race. plenty of action, controversy, and strategy. we have a bit of everything in this race (except the rain), and it was definitely worthed staying up for.

kimi took the win, and with both ferrari taking the podium for the first time this season. the ferrari drove a consistent race, nothing spectacular, and they were rewarded for it. it is interesting to note that i haven't seen the ferrari team so happy ever since japan last year. jean todt and ross brawn were smiling so happily as though they have won the race.

there was great team spirit in f1. i liked how the oppositions were clapping and cheering for the each other. norbert haug and ron dennis congratulated michael and rubens as they drove down the pit, and the ferrari mechanics clapped as kimi passed them as well. it was a priceless moment. plus the hand gesture of 'thanks' as front runners passed the back markers was quite interesting.

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huge loser to montoya, who had a great race until the safety car period. there was probably some controversy and he probably lost his mind when he realized kimi was in the pit instead of him. he wanted to make up time and just subconciously crossed the red light. dumb move. then we have jenson button who decided he prefers crashing out instead of finishing a race. dumb talk.

three shunts into the infamous walls. first it was narain, who after a terrible week, just made his future prospect in f1 worse. then alonso, who was supposedly a very composed driver, drove his car to the wall. interestingly, he thought his car was having a mechanical problem. it was hilarious how the commentator pointed out that the only problem was that he had broke his car. finally button into the wall of champions. maybe after this he'll become one? well, not until he can start holding off michael (remember imola?). surprisingly, only couple of brake failures with trulli and sato's car burning up at the disc.

team radio is back, and i love it. we heard button's gear problem in the formation lap, where he had trouble getting out of first gear. then we heard of alonso's frustration when he desperately wanted to pass fisichella. finally, it was interesting to hear mclaren and ferrari's radio towards the end of the race, with the teams telling the drivers the instruction and the order of the race. who would have thought about hearing the mclaren and ferrari's radio. cool.

finally, i can't stand webber. he's a lousy race driver who makes mistake here and there. how he got fifth place is a mystery, but a williams couldn't overtake a sauber? go figure. then kimi mono-robotic voice in the press conference is god damn annoying. then when he spoke in finnish, you could see all michael and rubens wanted to do were to shut their ears, or his mouth. and michelle yeoh! oh my god get her out of there, she's a jinx to the ferrari team.

so that's it for montreal! another interesting race, i'm sure of it, coming our way this weekend in indianapolis.

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