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Friday, April 22, 2005

f1 aero upgrades

f1 circus is finally back! i just can't stand the three week absence. with the return, comes newly improved aerodynamics to the cars. here are some notable ones:

renault new front wing []
the championship leaders indeed leads. it now has the aura of what ferrari used to have and people look to renault to emulate whatever they throw out. how will the contenders react to the above new front wing?

william chimney []
williams has put up the side wings on its chimney. quite a brilliant design, but how will this affects/improves performance? only time will tell. at the moment, the williams isn't threatening anyone.

ferrari bargeboard []
then there's ferrari, introducing a more realiable and faster(?) f2005. with it came a brand new bargeboard. it seems much larger, with more jagged edges and huge 'teeth'. i got to say the f2005 doesn't look as impressive. somehow it just looks squarish and stubborn. the design might seem a little backward as well. to quote peter windsor:
"Personally, I was a little disappointed to see that the new Ferrari is still basically a development of the old car.

Renault have set new standards with their use of their six-speed gearbox and their V-keel front suspension system, yet Ferrari, with lots of time on their side, have retained their seven-speed 'box and their old, central-keel system."
so are we going to see another renault victory, or is ferrari going to crawl out from their graves? two more days to tell.

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