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Monday, April 25, 2005

from zero to hero

the fans let out a huge groan when michael schumacher fucked up his second qualify by going wide in one of the corners. he only managed to qualify 14th on the grid after qualify 3rd in the first qualify. disastrous.

millions of tifosi were furious and the ferrari boss was disgusted. instantly, michael schumacher went from hero to zero.

i felt totally dejected. i dreaded wanting to watch the race, a race where overtaking is highly impossible and grid position determines the winner. i imagined all the mockery and smirky comments i was going to endure, for yet another race weekend, from my peers rooting for the ferrari/michael oppositions. then i realized that the fight was finally over for the world champions.

however it wasn't meant to be. defying all odds, the genius of michael schumacher came to the race with a vengeance, rampaging through the other drivers by out-maneuvering them and totally crushing them with sheer speed. even after refueling, the car performed flawlessly. eventually, he jumped from 12th to 3rd in a single pitstop after burning the track with fast laps after fast laps.

that's the amazing champion we once knew. given the right tools and package combination, you can once again sense the hunger and the motivation from him. a true champion will never quit till the very end. the commentators were also shocked at how and where this performance can come about, i believe everyone was just stunned cold. i was cold, but i was loving it!

san marino gp hero []
instantly, michael schumacher went from zero back to hero. watch out nay-sayers and non-believers, the championship has just begun.

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