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Monday, May 09, 2005

the era is all over

it is indeed right that the ferrari era is all over in 2005. with yet another retirement from a gp, and double no-points, it is just one too many.

the problem doesn't lie with schumacher, the techincal team, or the f2005. these elements remain the strongest and the best among all teams. there is no doubt that the combination of schumacher and the f2005 remains one of the fastest, as it was proven with its amazing fast laps in imola and in barcelona.

the biggest and the only problem is clearly with bridgestone. ferrari tries to protect the name of bridgestone, but it is only a matter of time when they get totally frutstrated with the tyre company. being caught unprepared for the one-tyre regulation, it isn't reacting fast enough to bring the tyres into form. i think you can basically say that this season, bridgestone sucks huge time. here are some obvious problems:
  • the tyres cannot perform in a single lap qualifying
  • the tyres also cannot get heated up fast enough
  • the tyres can't perform in hot conditions
  • the tyres don't give enough grip
  • the tyres aren't durable, realible, and tough enough
combine all these factors, and it is championship goodbye! being the only (significant) team testing for bridgestone, it is hard to get enough data to create the perfect tyre for this season. so i think ferrari should be realistically understand that their championship fight, both driver and constructor, is all over. here are reasons why:
  • rubens f2005 mostly unreliable, slow, and no points
  • michael can't get enough podiums
  • mclaren and renault are reliable, fast, and have michelin
  • six to eight mediocre cars with michelin can beat ferraris
  • bridgestone
  • bridgestone
  • ... still bridgestone
so will there be explanations from bridgestone? who cares. it's all for their protection anyways. as for the remainder of the season, i would put my money on mclaren. besides, it would be more fun to see mclaren pull out a come back to catch renault from behind. who wants to bet?

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