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Friday, July 01, 2005

absolute beauty

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gorgeous. at a track where downforce is so important, ferrari has introduced more aerodynamic improvements. the team has introduced, most noticably, wings on the shaft of the nose. these wings are located on different position as compared to those on toyota or jordan. hope those wings would help.

after a much anti-climatic and expected result of the fia hearing for the michelin teams, we are now back in action for the formula weekend. magny-cours will be an interesting event after the disgusting usgp where the michelin teams controversially pulled out of the race.

punishment is imminent, but at least not yet for this race. i am suspecting that the fia is gathering more evidence to push michelin out of formula one once and for all. we shall know in september.

sure, michelin has offered to pay for the 2005 refund, and to purchase 20,000 of next year's usgp tickets. indirectly, the tyre company has admittedly judged themselves as guilty of the infamous farce. there's no way in denying that, but that doesn't stop the company to further point fingers back at the fia. although ridiculous, that is a smart move on their part. fia is formula one's number one public enemy, and this is just an opportunity too good to be missed.

michelin and the teams are guilty, but people are more interested in the fall of fia. it is such selfish thought that is going to kill the sport. frankly, i can't stand the threat of boycotts being thrown out by the michelin teams. and truly, paul stoddart deserves to be knocked in the head for being the biggest hypocrite in the world.

anyways, enough of the dirty politics and back to racing. practice one is over and done with. interesting result from the ferrari of schumacher finishing third (second race driver) behind the mclaren. unfortunately kimi will be dropped ten spots from the grid after his engine blew and had to be replaced. and williams are embarassingly at the tail end of the grid. although we can't read too much into the result, poll has it that michael will get the pole. will ferrari get the first pole of the season? is ferrari really making progress?

f2005 []
only one way to find out. stay tuned!

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