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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

where will the pay drivers go?

with red bull's purchase of the minardi team almost becoming a reality, put up an interesting article about the fate of the pay drivers.

really, where will the pay drivers go? read the article for some interesting points.

i especially found it funny (weirdly) that the image they chose for displaying 'pay driver' to be alex yoong.

update: based on the helmet, i realized this isn't actually alex. all those magnum and kl stickers made me thought it was alex. this is in fact mark webber; however i am not sure whether webber was a pay driver.

he is a pay driver. so? []

is this how alex yoong (and dare i say malaysian in motorsports) will be forever remembered in formula 1? well, i hope he has a great performance in the upcoming a1 gp. i remember that he did very well in carting after leaving f1. unfortunately, he ran out of sponsorships and had to leave that too.

anyways, many people have debated on the importance of tiny teams such as jordan and minardi in formula 1. personally, i feel they are an important part of the sport. many drivers came into formula 1 through these small teams. while some were horrible drivers, some turned out to be huge stars.

it is just like any other job. if you want to work for the best in the industry, sometimes you need to start small and work your way up. sometimes you even have to do unpaid internship to get noticed. i think it is the same with f1. you've got to start from somewhere. competition is harsh.

currently we have jordan and minardi, with jordan to become 'midland' next season and minardi possibly to become 'red bull team usa'. what i wish to see is that a couple more independent teams on the grid. they may not be challenging the championship, but sometimes i enjoy the competition between the backmarkers. they also have a point to prove.

with minardi gone, we might just miss the potential drivers who just don't have the opportunity. that would be sad.

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