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Sunday, September 04, 2005

kimi will win monza

without a doubt kimi will win monza (barring accident or further unrealibility). that's my prediction but you're free to challenge me.

by the second stint of the race, the mclaren of kimi raikkonen will lead the gp. he will then win the monza gp without a problem. for mere observers, it would be an "unbelievable" win. although it will be amazing it isn't unheard of, so let's not get carried away. besides, he is expected to win.

it is of course with some analysis, that i make this prediction. of course ron dennis seems to believe a kimi win is "definite", but i can see why the team is so confident.

first off, the car is superb. even with maximum fuel, the mclaren seems to fly like a rocket as compared to the renault. i am sure kimi qualified with a car full of fuel. this will ensure his car last longer than the others so he could past them during the first pitstop. next, we have kimi who is known to be a robotic driver programmed to push limitless. he has neither emotion nor human senses, for god's sake he is an iceman! ;)

sure win for kimi? []
overtaking at monza is possible. i'm not sure whether the new aerodynamic rule will make it difficult this year, but the powerful mercedes engine should allow kimi to overtake a couple of cars within first two laps. to make the win more likely, montoya is expected to play the supporting role. his job will be to hold off alonso as much as possible without creating a huge lead.

there's no point for montoya to win, so i don't expect to see that happening. hell, we might even see him collide into alonso at the first chicane! imagine that, wouldn't that be exciting? of couse, kimi needs to avoid similar accident at the first chicane as well. having fishicella, coulthard, villenueve, and ralf schumacher around him may make it a lot more difficult. boy wouldn't that be exciting as well?

final point. trulli qualified at fifth, so we expect to see a train of cars stuck behind him and the two agonizingly slow ferraris. i'm not sure whether the ferraris will be faster this race, but michael's qualifying lap was pretty amazing given he came out very early. if the tyres degrade too soon, then this race is as soon as turkey for them.

can't wait for monza! gentlemen, start your engines...

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