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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

why 2005 season totally blew

[season review]

so what was wrong with the 2005 season? i have read comments from people that say 2005 season was one of the best seasons in the past years. however, i totally disagree and in fact, 2005 has been the worst season of the new millenium.

sure, we've had the new driver and constructor champions this season. but that's about it for 2005 season. and if people think having new champions means the f1 show has improved, well then those people don't understand f1. those people probably need to stick to sport like "football".

here are reasons why 2005 season totally blew:
let me start off with qualifying. this season alone we have had two qualifying formats, that's one qualifying format more than season 2000, 2001 and 2002 combined. when you need to make format changes in the middle of the season, that is an indication that the year is sucky. and for god's sake, it was soooo boring even die hard fans get turned off by it.

next, even the races were boring as compared to previous two seasons. no thanks to the one engine per two races rule, the new one tyre per race rule, and that fucked up aerodynamic rule. overtaking was almost non-existent. in fact, this season needed rain to bring back some fun to the races, as we saw in belgium and japan. unfortunately, the new rules killed most of the other races.

viewership actually dropped this season as we saw more empty grandstands this year than couple of years ago combined. don't be fooled by the slight increase in tv ratings, because those people were just wondering why renault was leading the championship. and when they followed a couple of races, they soon realized they were crappy races.

this season, politics dominated f1 with the tyre war, and the rebel gpma. god damn it... and who can forget the american grandprix? what a fucking joke!

finally, if we compare 2003 and 2004 seasons with 2005 we will see how f1 has definitely deteriorated in terms of winner statistics. in 2003, we saw eight drivers (david, kimi, fisichella, michael, montoya, ralf, rubens, alonso) winning a gp. in 2004, we saw five drivers (michael, trulli, kimi, rubens, montoya) winning a gp despite michael's "utter domination". yet in 2005 (the supposedly good season), only four drivers (fisichella, alonso, kimi, montoya) won a gp. constructor wise, 2003 had five constructors winning, 2004 had four constructors, and 2005 only two.

so how has the f1 show improved in the past years? how was 2005 one of the better seasons? does having new champions mean better season? give me a break.

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