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Monday, December 19, 2005

and the chaos begins


alonso is moving to mclaren... and the chaos begins.

as of 2007, everything we are familiar with formula 1 will be erased. it'll be time of confusions. teams, brands, constructors, and drivers we have once supported will turn into rivals. drivers we've once loved will make drastic moves and join teams we've always hated. things are going to be different come 2007.

and we haven't even started 2006.

alonso's signing with team vodafone mclaren mercedes definitely made that the package to beat. although losing adrian newey to red bulls is a big set back for the team, the new sponsorship from vodafone will add on extra millions to mclaren's budget. that will definitely be a huge boost. i bet ron dennis is a happy man at the moment. i just hope alonso can get used to the corporate image that is mclaren.

signing alonso to team mclaren means kimi is possibly on the way out. long being rumoured to leave mclaren for ferrari, it seems like this will no longer be a rumour. after being with mclaren for so long, and being frustrated with the fact he still isn't a champion, i think it is about time kimi drop that team. jean todt has repeatedly shown interest in kimi as well, so i think it is only a matter of when the news will be annouced.

if kimi is over at ferrari, does that mean michael is finally on the road to retirement? personally, i don't want to see that happening. it would have been fantastic if we get to see michael and kimi racing in the 'same' car. we'd finally find out the age old question of who's 'faster'. however, realistically that wouldn't happen (plus it isn't a fair comparison). if ferrari is extremely keen on signing kimi, we could well see michael in ferrari for the last season.

so will we see michael in formula 1 for the last season? i'm not so sure. we've heard about his passion for racing, and some even suggested he should go on racing till he's in his 50s. well, that might happen if he doesn't get tired of losing in a red bull. red bull has shown interest in hiring michael as their driver, and with adrian newey and many other star personnels already on board, i don't think that would be such a bad idea. besides, it would be great to see michael help build another team towards championship dreams.

before michael moves away from formula 1, i hope he can still win one more championship. that would have been totally awesome. putting all the controversies aside, imagine saying this to the next generation, "son, i was there when michael schumacher made history by winning his eighth driver championship." that would be pretty cool.

other than unorthodox drivers movements in the future, be ready to get used to seeing mclaren in orange, red bull as champions, renault out of formula 1, ugly f1 cars, and a legendless grid. it is going be a weird formula 1.

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