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Monday, January 23, 2006

mclaren the platypus

[2006 preview]

mclaren revealed their 2006 contention, and boy is it a stunner.

mclaren mp4-21 []

for more pictures, visit here.

so how does it fare if compared to the just-revealed ferrari? for one, the ferrari looks clumsy and stubborn because the car doesn't look proportional. however, the mclaren is sleek, from front to the back. it looks sharp from all angle, and it is very beautiful even with that aweful orange. in fact, the orange is soothing to the eyes and is starting to look pretty good!

given that last year's car was one of the best aerodynamically, naturally there isn't need to give the car a big change. but of course that doesn't stop them from improving the package. clearly there's a huge evolution to the nose, it is neither the anteater of mp4-19 nor is it the elephant trunk of mp4-20. mclaren has combined both the design into this new car. behold the platypus.

what is a platypus? []

2006 is going to be very interesting indeed.

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