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Monday, January 16, 2006

ferrari f2006 revealed... finally!

[2006 preview]

oh boy, i almost soiled myself.

i didn't expect to see the new ferrari until next week, during their official launch. i was surprised pictures are revealed so soon since today's run was supposed to be a closed door event at fiorano. i'm glad that it isn't closed door, and this is truly exciting!

blank f2006 []

at first glimpse, the thing that caught my eyes was the awkward placement of rear view mirrors. man, that must be the weirdest placement of the mirrors. i've never them so far out before, they look totally out of place. i'm not sure what's with ferrari and rear view mirrors, they just love to play around with them. but doesn't this new arrangement affect the aerodynamic? not even a little? oh well, they are the expert.

the next most noticeable thing is the new nose. ferrari has copied mclaren's design, and now they have a drooped nose as well, albeit not as much as mclaren. the tip of the nose is still slightly round, retaining the old feature. i think changing the nose design is a good move. the picture below shows the sleeker and sharper design more clearly.

blank f2006 []

funny how michael schumacher is seen here waving. i guess it wasn't really a closed door after all. furthermore, i wonder why the chimneys and rear wing are painted in black, it seemed as though they are hiding some details from the prying eyes.

overall, this is quite a fine looking car. even though, at the moment, there is absolutely no comparison to the beauties of the previous years. of course, the paint jobs make all the difference. we shall wait for the car to be officially launched shiny with the sponsor 'stickers'. i will then make my final judgement on the look of the car. :)

one more week to go!

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