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Monday, February 06, 2006

rossi to formula 1


whether valentino rossi makes it to formula 1 or not, i don't really care. in my opinion, there are more talented drivers out there with the proper f1 pedigree who deserves the opportunity than a motogp sensation. however if he does transfer, then all the best to him.

i still don't get the point for ferrari to continue having rossi practice in their car. instead of having a proper test driver shaking-down in preperation for 2006, they are wasting money and mileage on rossi's practice. i'm not sure what's ferrari's priority, but they should focus on their biggest goal - regaining the championship.

is this a publicity stunt? maybe we are supposed to be all excited about the idea of having a successful transfer of a motogp star driving an f1 car (although not unheard of). at least the media is pretty excited. or maybe we are supposed to be inspired by the fact that an italian will finally be driving and winning in the italian car. but wouldn't it be easier and cheaper if they just get fisichella? i bet fisichella is thinking the same thing, and is probably quite insulted by ferrari.

i hope rossi doesn't change over to f1 in anytime soon. he's the most successful motogp racer at the moment, so why throw all that away and risk having his reputation dented by the possibility of failing miserably in f1? i think he should stick to what he's truly good and a god at, and that's two wheel racing.

p.s.: and why is biaggi also testing f1 car now!?

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