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Sunday, February 26, 2006

f1 fever hits kuala lumpur

[2006 preview]

with a mere two weeks to the first race of 2006 at bahrain, and three weeks to raceday at sepang, malaysia is gearing up full speed in promoting the malaysian gp.

the truth is, i didn't even noticed that within a fortnight, motorsport's biggest circus will finally be kicked off. all those winter testing and pre-season news are really causing me to feel slightly turned off. i really needed some real action.

so as i was strolling in a local mall past friday, my f1 blood was reignited with the sight of a very beautiful f1 car on display. it was the replica of the ferrari f2003-ga, and boy was i excited.

ferrari f2003-ga

there i was, staring at it nose to nose. thank god for the camera phone i was able to get several pictures of the car - you know, for memories. even though it wasn't a real car, but its strong presence still left me totally in awe. it was the first time i was this close to the ferrari red. oh well, it was a weird feeling and it's just hard to explain.

it was actually a bridgestone promtion. there were many tyres on display, and they had simulation games and lucky draw. i sucked at the simulation game, but it was fun pretending i was an f1 driver. the 'flappy' gearbox thing was interesting as well. i also filled up their questionnaires for the lucky draw, so i am hoping maybe i could win some free tickets.

i can hope can't i? please please please... (fingers crossed)

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