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Friday, February 24, 2006

f1's biggest waste of time


that's how i feel about the aguri team, whatever its name is.

i remembered when red bull joined last year, i was so glad a new look is on the grid. although it just replaced jaguar at the last minute, i thought it was worthed the fuss and attention it was getting. most importantly, they made an impact to the f1 spectacle as a whole.

for aguri, i couldn't even bothered. whether it's in or out of the 2006 season, it wouldn't matter to me at all. whether it is legal in using the old arrow cars or not, nobody cares. and whether it will be fast enough to be part of the grid or not, that's no point to it. i just don't understand why they bothered.

when the car rolled out from the garage for the first time, i had the feeling of deja vu. it was as though i was transformed back few years ago and watching the 2002 grand prix. it was more like a mockery, because how dare they let such old crap onto the f1 scene - the pinnacle of motorsport?

what also bothers me is the fact sato will be back on the track. no disrespect to him, but he just doesn't cut it to be among the best. i am sure he has good skills and what not, but he is infamous for being impatient and unanalytical. although all sato wants to do is to impress, instead he became well known for being the 'accident boy'. remember spa 2005?

and who's the second driver? mmm... ide something. don't know.

what i know is that during the more recent testing at barcelona, the aguri driver were more than nine seconds behind the fastest driver (kimi). nine seconds! if that is their pace during racedays, then i hope the 107 rule is back to keep out the too slow cars. in formula 1, slow cars are hazardous, and the aguri cars will be hazardous. period.

actually, i'm all in for new teams in f1 - the more the merrier. however, i just can't get excited about aguri. i foresee disasters and a short future for them. besides, the boss aguri is already talking about retiring before the first race started. wtf?

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