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Friday, March 10, 2006

the prediction game

[2006 preview]

everybody is playing the prediction game. everybody, from bernie to my dad, has something to say about who's hot and who's not for the 2006 f1 season. predictions of which team will be competitive, and which driver will win the championship title, although the season hasn't even started, are at the corner of every f1 lover's mouth.

i'm not going to play that game this early. instead i will predict the winners of each race (like i've done last season) right before or after the qualifying. besides, this season it isn't going to be that straight-forward. new rules, new parts, new drivers and teams, things are definitely going to be quite complicated. how exciting is that?

however, i will say something about the ferrari. have they been sand-bagging throughout the winter? something tells me not really, because they look like they really have been struggling during the test. broken parts, bad clutch, over-heating engines, slow tyres are just some of the problems. unreliability and the lack of speed should have severely dampen their strength, if not their spirit.

michael's optimism for the past few days, therefore, is very questionable. is he going to be slapping his own face by making early predictions? many people have put them somewhere around the fourth strongest team, for good reason, after renault, honda, and mclaren. so why is michael talking about championship already? shouldn't he be praying for point finishes instead? i know i am!

unless ferrari is playing the psychological 'game'. they have always been doing that in the previous years, before they were dominating and were unpredictable. have losing the championships make the team more unpredictable like before? i'm sure some would be wondering, "what is actually under the ferrari's sleeves?"

oh well, one could hope. all doubts and questions will be answered in mere two days. get ready ladies and gentlemen, no more previews. we are officially in the 2006 formula 1 weekend.

on to bahrain!

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