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Thursday, March 23, 2006

f1's cheat storm


we all know about the flexi wings that have come under scrutiny. amazingly, the teams that protested against ferrari's extreme flexi wings are themselves using movable wings as well! mclaren and bmw are guilty of that, and with many more teams still under study.

ferrari, mclaren, and bmw have confirmed to making changes to their wings for the next race at melbourne. all of them gave excuses that different wing specs and designs were already planned for melbourne anyways. oh whatever!

but i'm not so interested in that. what i've been curious about is how fast the renault get up to speed from being standstill. at sepang, alonso flied through the field from seventh on the grid and ended up at third. it was as though they haven't gotten rid of the launch control.

thank you niki lauda for pointing that out.
...what we saw (in Malaysia) was unusual.
several years ago when the launch control was banned, renault was the only team able to fly off the grid. i remember that michael schumacher did point this out to the fia, but i guess it was deemed legal and then we never heard about that again. it could be renault tuned it down a little, making it less obvious.

i believe that some form of launch control technology is still being used by renault. just like the flexi wing issue, renault seem to have bended the rules and implemented something 'legal'.

i hope someone can take a look into that as well.

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