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Sunday, March 12, 2006

thrilling bahrain


has fia finally got the right formula? this weekend was so full of action, i think they have done it. knockout qualifying, v8 engines, and tyre changes - that's the right formula.

it's been a long time since we last witnessed an f1 race with so many wheel-to-wheel racing and fantastic overtaking maneuvers. from the lights out till the chequered flag, we saw alonso overtook massa, button made a great move on montoya, barichello and button exchanged lead, bmw versus williams, str beating redbull, and many many more. what more can you ask for?

wheel-to-wheel racing []

great strategy from renault won them this race. they timed it perfectly and their pitstop was flawless. ferrari was very close, but somehow michael's second stint just wasn't fast enough. alonso managed to close the gap during that stint, and it was basically over for michael from then on.

great result for mclaren. despite looking unimpressive during practice and qualifying, they managed to walk away with ten points. kimi on the other hand, again from the back to take podium, didn't seem too please with this kind of race. it's funny how montoya only managed to finish fifth. i guess one pitstop should always be the way to go, doesn't it seem like so?

we clearly have a four way fight among renault, mclaren, ferrari, and honda this season. so far, it is any team's championship. it's true what they say, 2006 is the most exciting f1 season in decades. so, prepare for more action as we head to sepang next week.

here's the finishing order for bahrain gp.

star of the race:
young nico rosberg had a fantastic f1 debut. his pace (or williams') is undeniable as nico managed to get the fastest lap of the race. what an amazing achievement! it was particularly nice seeing him shaved off seven seconds from coulthard and then overtook him to get one point. but not being content with that one point, he went on to overtake klien and got himself two points. how great is that?

loser of the race:
poor massa didn't make his qualifying effort stick. he made many errors, including having a bad start, then letting alonso overtake him, and finally spinning out. it didn't help that ferrari's pit crew struck bad luck with the air gun. although he fought hard and managed to get back to ninth, but it's fair to say that he threw away a podium and probably a ferrari 1-2 finish.

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