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Saturday, June 24, 2006

mclaren and ferrari vs renault


first of all, i would like to apologize for skipping the silverstone review. truth is, i was pretty busy and i had to skip the second half of the race. i knew alonso won, and michael managed to finally leapfrog kimi after the second pitstop, but that was it. from what i have read, the race was pretty boring anyways. so, what can i say?


welcome to quebec []

welcome to the back-to-back races of the north american leg. our first stop is montreal at the gilles villeneuve circuit. let's get a little excited!

north american races have mostly been quite interesting in the past years. we can always expect some drama and some interesting results. montreal has its wall of champions, and it is a circuit known to be a break breaker. touch-and-go circuits are always quite fun to watch, and what makes this circuit better is the availability for overtaking.

so what do i expect? well, renault is just too strong at the moment. however, last year they screwed up this race completely, and maybe history will repeat itself. this is a race alonso really wanted to win, and if everything goes his way, then he might just do it easily. mclaren is back, after a great showing by kimi at silverstone, qualifying 2nd and finishing 3rd. they can keep the momentum going. finally, ferrari's silent optimism seems to have been proven wrong as their practice times are horrible. maybe they know something we don't? can't bet on it.

the championship fight is basically over. judging by the renault's strength, we might see the biggest dominance by a team in f1 history yet. even ferrari's 2004 run was nothing like renault's current dominance. well, as long as it's not ferrari winning, everything is good. no?

my prediction for qualifying will be alonso, fisichella, kimi taking the first three spot. renault has the ability to put in more fuel but still qualifying at the top, as we've seen for silverstone. kimi's pace is undeniable, and he should be able to be up there. he did win last year's race, remember?

as for the race, alonso will win his first canadian gp and he'll do some animal dances on his car. fisichella coming in second to complete another renault 1-2. as for third, it could be anyone's taking. let's just watch and see.

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