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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

superman on and off monaco podium


superman []

the superman on the podium is david coulthard, sort of literally, although only 13th fastest during the race. and the superman off is michael schumacher, after storming from the pitlane to eventual fifth with the fastest lap of the race. at monaco, that's a superb effort.

although a great race to watch, but i just can't help thinking about the 'what it should have been'. we should have been watching the two champions duke it out at monaco; instead all we got was a lousy victory from alonso as he cruises around the track. they should have just given the trophy to him before the race started, as well as the championship.

no disrespect to kimi and webber, as they did brilliantly till they retired, but there were moments i doubted whether they can pull it off, i.e. beating alonso. kimi didn't get to do it at the first pitstop, although they clearly fueled him up more. and at the second pitstop under safety car where they came in the same time, kimi was again behind. what the hell? furthermore, it's almost expected that the mercedes engines under kimi would break down like little girls.

another disappointment []

you can't blame me for being crude, because what other team can we really bank on to beat renault and alonso other than michael and his ferrari? if we are not to support ferrari, we might as well not watch the season because we all know who will win. unless you're watching it for the politics and non-overtaking maneuvers, and maybe some interesting podium like we saw for monaco.

i'm also disappointed that the championship is basically over. alonso just has to be on the podium for the remaining races, and it would have been all over. i can be optimistic that the fight is still on, but i just don't see it happening. the miracle we need is for alonso to crash out and break down for one race, and it's all different. seeing that reliability and consistency are their strong points, it's very unlikely.

let's not mention about the infamous schumi-gate incident because everybody has their own opinion. however, it's disappointing that many people who commented online didn't actually watched it live. they watched it after knowing what happened, and by then they already had their mind made up. i watched it live, and my initial reaction was, "bloody shit! he fucked up his lap!" that was until the commentators mentioned it must have been a tactic, where new thoughts came in. whatever it is, it's not for me to judge, but i did not let media sway me.

personally, i feel the sport itself is dying anyways. with michael gone, what is there to look forward to? we have driver who parties and drinks like nobody's business. we have driver who act like animal when he wins. driver who performs only when he wants to. driver who whines like little girl and criticizes everyone but himself. a driver who never won but thinks he's a future champion. and bunch of pointless drivers knocking into each other's ass during a race. now, teams are owned by giant auto-corporations which constantly threaten with boycotts and break-away series unless anything they demanded is met.

what else to look forward to?

never die attitude []

keep going michael!

winner of the race:
david coulthard. right place at a right time.

loser of the race:

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