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Sunday, March 25, 2007

kimi happier at ferrari

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I've never hidden my joy, since the first day I came to Maranello. Now, after the success in the first race with the team, I am - in case this is possible - even more joyful.
totally understandable.

imagine if you've been working in a company, say for about five years, and you haven't achieved what you've expected to, wouldn't you be disappointed? you know you're a talent, and you know you could have done so much more, yet somehow everything just kept falling apart. that would have been five horrible years.

personally, i wouldn't want to work for a company that seems to have the best resources, but somehow lack in management. or a company that seems to have a fantastic brand, but lack results. beautiful office, but with high turnover. cash rich, but poor in spirit.

for a commoner like myself, i could only dream to have the opportunity to leave my shitty company behind, change an environment, and immediately see result. but commaners are not that lucky. but lucky for kimi, i think it's definitely a 'dream come true'.

with that said, nothing can be taken for granted. given the opportunity, you ought to work harder, concentrate, and continue to strive for results in order to remain motivated in the new company. i know i would.

so, 2007 will be a judgement year for kimi. will we see a successful kimi? or will we see him throw all that away?

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