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Monday, April 02, 2007

four-mirror mclaren explained

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four mirrors. i'm not sure, but i think this is probably a first in formula 1.

four mirror mclaren []

the mclaren of lewis hamilton was recently spotted with four mirrors during testing at sepang. initially, i thought it was just an exercise for the driver to get used to a new position for the mirror. turns out, it was for the driver to keep an eye for smoke from the engine.
Lewis Hamilton's MP4-22 in testing at Sepang last week featured no fewer than four rear-view mirrors.

The English rookie, however, had not simply requested a better view of the cars behind him.

Instead, it emerges that the two extra mirrors - mounted on the top of the MP4-22's sidepods - were designed to give 22-year-old Hamilton an easy glimpse of engine smoke.

Italian sources report that Mercedes Benz engineers wanted to test and push the limits of the V8 engine on the Malaysian layout. Catching an engine failure early makes it easier to investigate.

Hamilton, who finished third on debut in Australia last month, stopped trackside at Sepang on both Thursday and Friday with oil leaks.

interesting explanation. somehow i don't quite believe it though. instead, they should try explain this question.

although several teams have adopted ferrari's move to place the mirrors on the sidepods (redbull and renault have done that), my guess is the mclaren mirrors will stay at where it was in australia.

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