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Sunday, April 15, 2007

from champions to insignificance

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renault f1 how do you go from being back-to-back champions to not being able to win a race? that's renault for you. so far, they haven't won a race, and not even a podium. i'm predicting that they won't even win a race till the midway mark of the season.

funny thing is, the team doesn't know either:
Briatore said: "Unfortunately we do not understand our problems. That is the biggest problem..."

now that doesn't help, does it?

it was yet another dismal race at bahrain for the renault, with fisichella finishing 8th. heikki wasn't even worthed mentioning, plus we didn't get to see much of him. so let's hear what he has to say:
Heikki Kovalainen commented, "I made a good start off the line, and overtook both Williams and Trulli's Toyota. Last week, I was side by side with him and he got the advantage - and I was determined that it wouldn't happen again. After that, the rear tyres dropped off quickly on the heavy fuel load and I was struggling everywhere - Trulli got past me, then I tried to defend aggressively against Rosberg, but he overtook as well after the final corner. The car improved a lot in the second stint, and I could see I was catching Fisi and Jarno, and thought that maybe we could do something. But then in the final stint, the rear end was tricky again, and I couldn't maintain the pace of the guys in front. It was a tough afternoon, like we expected, and it was a shame not to score points. We know, though, that the hard work needs to be done back at the factory - and I am confident that they will be pushing to their maximum to improve our competitiveness for the next race."

doesn't sound too good at all. as flavio nicely puts it, "this is where we are at the moment, fighting for the final points positions."

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