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Sunday, May 13, 2007

four consecutive poles for ferrari

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that's impressive. more so for massa, who has been on pole for three consecutive times. i have to admit, it was rather fulfilling to see massa spoil the spanish party. if you paid attention, you could actually hear the sound of a few hundred thousand heartbreaks when massa stormed through the line.

however, qualifying is no longer about who's the quickest; rather who is the lightest. it seems quite clear that massa and alonso are on a light fuel strategy, while kimi and hamilton have the heavier one. will the heavier strategy come into play? i don't think so. i personally think it's easier to win the race if you're up in front.

however, it isn't going to be straightforward. i think mclaren and ferrari are very evenly matched, with maybe ferrari being slightly quicker. so ferrari may be in front of the mclaren, i don't think they'd be able to lose the silver cars from their exhausts. it could come down to some fiery overtaking battles, or it could come down to some intelligent pitstop strategies for the win. i'm praying for the former.

away from the leaders, the bmw are consistently the third best team on the grid. they appear to be a low profile team, just quietly doing their job. nobody has paid much attention to them, as you hear more discussion on the demise of toyota and honda teams. i think they are going to be a team to watch out for this season, as they will spring some surprises. with superior bmw engineering, the biggest wind tunnel within the f1 fraternity, and a smaller ego for being a copycat, i believe they may even have a chance to win a gp. mark my word.

finally, fantastic stuff from super aguri again! although their cars aren't reliable at the moment, it's definitely fast. well, at least faster than the 'original' honda team. they managed to qualify both cars into q2, and was looking very strong to even get into q1 - before the cars broke. i'm actually quite looking forward to the day when both cars get into q1, embarassing button and rubens even more. good luck super aguri.

i'll make some predictions for the race. ferrari one-two, and alonso third. heidfeld continues to get fourth, with hamilton not managing to finish for the first time. one of the renaults (kovalainen perhaps) scraping for top eight, trying to fend off a super aguri. hahahaha... and coulthard will be up there somewhere as well.

so bring it on barcelona! it's going to very exciting. the european leg is always so much better than the opening leg because of new car developments, better comfort level from the teams, and more passionate ambience. so i hope this year's spanish gp won't disappoint us.

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