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Sunday, May 13, 2007

kimi breaks more cars

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i tell ya, this kimi is a car breaker. he's a fast driver, but he'll drive the shit out of any car given to him. frankly, i won't be surprise to see more car failure for kimi this season. i think peter sauber had it right: kimi needs to get more technical, in order to understand his car. if kimi's attitude doesn't change, perhaps ferrari should think about grabbing hamilton.

speaking of hamilton, he is leading the championship! for a rookie in only his fourth race, that's just amazing. granted the season is still very long, so i don't think it would stay that way till the end. or could it? we all know that f1 is all about consistency, and for the moment he is having that. plus he is such a calm and mature kid, and most importantly he has a great attitude. future champion, for sure!

the reigning champion, however, was blamed by the media for making a wrong judgement. naturally, alonso blames massa for the incident, but it was pretty clear that alonso gave massa no space, and they had to touch. it was a racing incident, and alonso lost out. he may have won the race if he had given massa more space, as the next corner would have been his. however, it was basically over from then on.

as i've predicted, the win would be easier with the lighter fuel load. massa stormed away after the first corner and never gave lewis or alonso a chance. i got to say, it is looking very good for massa to lift the championship (and progressively bad for kimi). why? he's driving perfectly, he's calm (not even the fire could startled him), and he has the team behind his back. he is probably just a nicer bloke to work with, as compared to kimi.

speaking of predictions:
i'll make some predictions for the race. ferrari one-two, and alonso third. heidfeld continues to get fourth, with hamilton not managing to finish for the first time. one of the renaults (kovalainen perhaps) scraping for top eight, trying to fend off a super aguri. hahahaha... and coulthard will be up there somewhere as well.

- four consecutive poles for ferrari
1. ferrari one-two: half right - ferrari one
2. alonso third: correct!
3. heidfeld fourth: wrong :(
4. hamilton not finish: wrong :(
5. one of the renault fighting for top eight: correct! although wrong driver
6. renault trying to fend off super aguri: correct, simply amazing!!!
7. coulthard up there: correct!

4.5/7, i think i'm getting pretty good at this. especially number 6, i think i can see the future. ;)

winner of the race:
super aguri for getting their first championship points, and other perks that come with it. congratulations to sato for achieving that for the team, and significantly beating the two honda factory cars (incidently, they are 'celebrating' their first top ten finish). i believe the real party will be at the super aguri's camp tonight.

loser of the race:
toyota just can't seem to do well. after trulli put a toyota at sixth, the best qualifying of the season, the car died after the warm up lap. what gives?

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