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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

kimi raikkonen is rubbish

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there, i said it. as much as i would like to embrace kimi as a driver deserved of high praises, his attitude left nothing to be desired.
Sir Jackie Stewart has questions Kimi Raikkonen's commitment after the Finn stormed away from the Barcelona circuit following his retirement on Sunday.


However, rather than stay behind to watch team-mate Felipe Massa's victory, Raikkonen was reportedly on his way to the airport less than half an hour after retiring from the race.

The Finn's actions have - not for the first time - raised doubts about his commitment to Formula One, with Stewart claiming that Raikkonen isn't willing to make the sacrifices needed to become a World Champion.

- stewart questions kimi's commitment
so why did he stormed out of barcelona so quickly? for the ice hockey final?
"I asked the team if I could go quickly and I'm pleased they saw that giving me permission was the right thing to do," said Raikkonen.

"I arrived home in Wollerau in time to see the final stages of the ice hockey world championship final, but Finland lost to Canada. Obviously, this just wasn't a good day."

- kimi upbeat despite woes
and i don't understand why is massa always doing the testing. what is kimi doing? partying? for me, kimi is definitely one of f1's most overrated and biggest brats. he's acting like a super star even before becoming one. i just don't get why people can't see it.

kimi raikkonen []

look how proud he is:
Kimi Raikkonen has vowed to continue to be his own man - despite whatever input Michael Schumacher has to offer Ferrari these days.


But when asked whether he would listen to Schumacher if he offered advice, Raikkonen replied: "I still drive the car.

"With my engineers I do what I want, so..."

Finishing the sentence, the questioner inserted: "So no then?" to which Raikkonen merely shrugged his shoulders.

- kimi: 'i'll do it my way'
he reminds me of montoya - too damn proud of nothing, really. just slightly better packaged.

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